Tailored services for law firms

As a lawyer, marketing sometimes feels like an unwanted distraction. You want to look after your clients, not worry about generating new leads. But, that’s not to say that you don’t appreciate the need for a well planned marketing strategy. You know how important it is to build and maintain relationships with your clients and you’re used to generating business through your networks and by word of mouth recommendations. In fact, you’re pretty good at this type of marketing.

We encourage all of our clients to stick with the techniques that work for them. We aren’t here to reinvent the wheel. Our goal is to help you maximise your business development endeavours so that you have more time to focus on what really matters to your practice – providing first rate legal services to your clients.

Social Media for law firms

By employing a solid approach to social media management, we are able to help your firm build a valuable audience for your content.

Whereas in the past prospective clients would rely on friends and family for recommendations, more and more are now turning to the internet to discuss their experiences of products and services. In fact, it’s statistically proven that these online conversations play an increasingly significant part in influencing consumer decisions. Isn’t it time you joined these conversations and started engaging with both existing and future clients? The harsh reality is that thousands of people are online right now and, whether you like it or not, they are using social media forum, such as Facebook and Twitter, to talk about you and your firm. They are sharing opinions and creating a message about your business.
This sounds scary, we know, but it doesn’t have to be. With an intelligent online marketing strategy you can turn these opinions into recommendations, bolstering your brand’s reputation and generating new revenue streams. We believe that word of mouth is still the strongest form of marketing for law firms and will continue to be. The difference is that people are now talking online and they are sharing their views with a potentially global audience. So, if people are going to shout about your firm, make sure they’re spreading the right message.

Video for law firms

Choosing a law firm is a very personal process and we all look for different things when we’re looking for legal representation. But the reality is that most people want a lawyer who’s professional, highly competent, honest and likeable. There’s nothing more transparent than video; in three minutes you can learn more about a firm and its lawyers than you can in a thousand words of rambling text.
By making the most of recent developments in video technology, we have the in-house capability to provide law firms with broadcast quality HD video – a product which would have been unaffordable to most law firms 5 or so years ago.

Email marketing for law firms

We provide the tools to deliver and track bespoke newsletters and produce analytics to show how each person has interacted.

If you want to achieve the most out of your firm’s database of contacts, it’s time to start thinking about email. By organising contacts into your firm’s practice sectors you can direct specific messages at specific groups of clients with relative ease. Whether you want to send departmental newsletters, weekly legal updates, or simply a firm wide newsletter, our email marketing system uses cutting edge technology to deliver a marketing solution which targets the right people.

Event invitations

Our innovative RSVP system takes the stress out of organising client events and drinks parties. First we design and build bespoke invitations which compliment your firm’s branding and get people excited about your event. Then all we need is your guest list. We’ll manage the distribution of the email invitations and then our system will produce a guest list letting you know who will be attending.
If required, we will also produce high quality name badges for you.

Media training for law firms

One potential outcome from a bolstered online presence is of course the attention of the mainstream media. This could follow a successful proactive social media campaign that has your brand trending onto the radar of a reporter, or it could be that something has gone wrong and a negative campaign is gathering momentum: either way, it is vital that you know how to respond should the media spotlight swing your way.
Leading media training expert, Dan Baker, spent 10 years as a television news presenter and reporter for ITV in the Midlands before going into corporate communications. He was Head of Media at Anglian Water for 5 years, and has been designing and delivering media training for clients around the world for more than 4 years. With a CIPR Excellence Award for crisis comms under his belt, he has coached the leaders of some of the UKs best-known brands on how to cope with media scrutiny and turn a potentially nerve-wracking encounter into a positive opportunity. Clients have included Boots, npower, National Grid, Network Rail, confused.com and the OECD in Paris.